How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions?

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Eyelashes are often neglected but play a vital role in defining your facial beauty. In fact, your eyelashes are an important part of your facial features. If you do not have naturally thick and long lashes, you can go for eyelash extensions in Tonbridge to get that desired look.

Trusted and experienced lash extension specialists will help you to choose the right kind of lashes for your eyes based on their size, shape and age. However, after you get the lashes, it is necessary to keep them in good condition to enjoy that gorgeous look for a longer period. Eyelash extensions need proper care to stay beautiful. Your beauty specialist will guide you with step by step process of eyelash extension aftercare.

Why is Eyelash Extension Cleaning Important?

  1. To begin with, lashes receive a lot of dust, dirt and oil. Sometimes this is the natural oil produced by your skin. In other cases, it is the beauty products you use or the area where you stay or work throughout the day that can be the source of oil on your lashes. This oil and dust can cause serious damage to your lashes and the glue. Therefore, you must try to keep them clean every day.
  2. Furthermore, Skin cells, makeup, and cleaning agents generally build up on your lash line. This can cause lash mites or Demodex, which are tiny little creatures; really harmful to lashes. This will lead to irritation on lash lines and lash loss. So, cleaning those lashes is highly required to remove lash mites.
  3. Last but not the least reason is cleaning eyelashes every day after a hectic schedule offers you immense comfort. It seems your lashes become lighter when you remove makeup and use foam-based cleansers. You can get rid of itchy lash lines and have a good sleep all over the night.
  4. These are the reasons your eyelash extension specialist will always suggest regular and proper care for your lashes. They can also suggest the products you should use to clean lashes.

How to Clean Eyelashes Extensions?

You should always use the best quality lash shampoo, suggested by experts, to wash and clean eyelash extensions. It is always advisable to follow the cleaning instructions of your eyelash extension specialist to avoid mistakes and damage.

  • Start gently by rinsing your eyes with clean water.
  • Use a soft cleaning brush to apply shampoo.
  • Use the best brand of eyelash cleanser; preferably, choose foam based.
  • Wash them again with water to rinse the product completely.
  • Pat your lashes with a dry and soft towel.
  • Allow the lashes to dry naturally, and do not apply any beauty product to them immediately.

It is recommended by extension experts that you should follow this cleaning regime at least thrice a week to keep them really clean and oil-free. However, cleaning them daily is also a good way to keep them in their best condition. But you should never use toxic cleaning products that can cause serious damage to lashes and skin.

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